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07 Aug


The Suffering of Christ Defines Passion


Long before we started using the words passion, passionate, etc in our everyday language, the word passion was used to describe the suffering of Christ.  Just as Mel Gibson’s iconic movie “The Passion of the Christ” showed, the passion was considered the narrative of what happened from the moment Christ began suffering on our behalf.

As the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  In this case, any attempt at imitating Christ’s Passion pales in comparison.  Jesus didn’t just die for our sins, He suffered and died for them.  And for some that is reason to reserve the word passion or passionate for Christ only.

But the fact is, the English language lacks in words to describe an extreme love, one that causes one to act sacrificially because that love.  There are words like zeal and fervor that are certainly hints at the enthusiasm someone may have for something they enjoy or even love to do.  But the gold standard for the meaning of a sacrificial, deep love or devotion, is still the word passion.  And we have our savior Jesus Christ to thank for giving us context and meaning to the word.

If we say that Music is our Passion, Fitness is our Passion, or even Christ is our passion, are we even doing the word justice then?  Most definitely not- our devotion can never compare to the love Christ first had for us.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t be passionate about our relationship with Christ, in fact it means all the more that we should.  It also doesn’t mean we can’t be passionate about other things in life, only that our first love should be Him always!

So as you explore this site now and in the future, consider whether Christ is your passion.  Sure there are millions who believe Jesus Christ is the son of God- even the demons and Satan himself believe that!  And there are many who are reverent of Christ and those that are grateful for what He’s done for them.  But for those who are truly passionate for Christ, their lives are truly transformed from top to bottom.

It’s for those and those that desire to make Christ their passion that this site exists.  It’s our hope that you find the articles inspiring and helpful in your walk and relationship with Him.

So does that describe you?  Is Christ truly your passion?  Share your thoughts in the comments below..

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